Amy + Joseph

I used to live in an apartment in Forest, VA. Amy lived in a townhouse in Lynchburg. We were getting married and looking to find a great starter home to begin our lives together. Starting the process was daunting, especially with the price tag involved in buying a new home, coupled with planning a wedding and finishing school.


Finding a real estate agent we could trust was really important to us because we knew we would need to rely on them throughout the process and were trusting them to help us find a place to start our lives together. We knew that we wanted something to get us started in life and something we could grow into. We didn’t know exactly what that looked like in a practical sense, but we were excited to have a home and yard that we could call our own and work to make our own.


We found out about about Tammi through a close friend of Amy’s. This friend had a close working relationship with her and spoke very highly of her. Needless to say, we were excited to have a recommendation from a friend considering the process we were about to begin. We had a modest budget and we really didn’t even know what we wanted. I remember walking into Tammi’s office to discuss using her as an agent and thinking through the questions our parents and friends who had purchased homes of their own encouraged us to ask. To my amazement, Tammi answered each of these questions without us needing to ask them.


The process of buying our first home was surprisingly easy…because of Tammi. We sent Tammi a list of homes we wanted to visit. She set up showing at each of the properties and even surprised us with a few of her own that we had missed. When we saw each of the houses, she was more than willing and able to answer any of the questions we had. She was also honest with us about the homes we were visiting and what she thought would or wouldn’t work for us. What impressed me most about Tammi was the attention she payed to us as people, both as individuals and as a couple. This attention made the insight she gave both applicable and helpful. It also made us know that we could trust her to help us in the process, something we deeply valued at the time and still do now.


We wound up purchasing a home Tammi recommended to us that we never would have found without her. Another thing that continues to surprise us about Tammi came after the process of buying our home ended. You don’t expect your real estate agent to stick around once the sale is done, but Tammi is different. She has continued to follow up with us even after the purchase of our new home was finished. We did some minor renovations in our home after we purchased it.

You don’t expect your real estate agent to stick around once the sale is done, but Tammi is different. When we finished the renovations, she was there to encourage us. Almost a year later, Tammi is still there encouraging us and giving us helpful tips on ways to improve our property.


We would gladly recommend Tammi to any friends or family buying in the area. We referred Tammi to one of our friends also purchasing their first home, and the stories that come out of both their and our experiences make Tammi look more like a super real estate agent than a normal person doing a job, but that is just the kind of person you want when buying a house.

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